About Our firm

Why we do this...

As a Lupus survivor, Independent Business Owner (IBO) Debra Henderson-Scott understands first hand the need to work remotely.  We have found by embracing diversity and inclusion we've developed a effective team of hard working professionals who share our same values.

We specialize in hiring people from different socioeconomic, geographic, and cultural backgrounds and with different perspectives. ‘we give people who may have a hard time finding steady employment like those with disabilities or caregivers who may need a flexible schedule in order to maintaining a steady income.​​

The Independent Contractors (IC's) that join our team should bring with them positive attitude, willingness to learn, self-motivated, and a commitment of at lease 15 hours per week. We understand our clients' needs may changes, so be on the look out for extra opportunities to deliver personal service catering to the specific needs. That being said, we only contract with friendly and approachable professionals with a strong desire to be the best. We also offer special incentive for those IC's who provide referrals of like-minded individuals. If that's you, kindly join our Team!